Auditing digital engagement

One of the things that comes out of the training we do is that evaluating online engagement is hard. What’s more, just finding out whether you are doing the right things is tricky too.

Looking at other people’s good practice can help, but unless you have a couple of days spare, finding the time is tricky.

So, we’d like to present our Digital Engagement Audits as a nice quick solution to this problem.

What we’ll do is do some research into your current online engagement efforts and provide some feedbeck. We’ll also take a look around your local area and tell you about the communities, blogs and tweeters already active nearby. Finally, you get an action plan of some quick tasks that will help improve your efforts.

You get a report, and a web conference that goes through all the findings. The process shouldn’t take longer than a week, and it aims to be practical, quick and lightweight.

The cost is £1,500 + VAT and you can get one now by simply getting in touch and asking for one.

More details on the dedicated page, or here’s a PDF flyer you can download, print and show to your boss.

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