What’s so smart about Smartsheet?

Have you ever needed to turn in a report or spreadsheet on how well you or your team performed
on a particular task/project?

How well were you able to portray your efforts in terms of efficency and quantity?

For instance, if you are a manager of a helpdesk, creating a spreadsheet that shows the amount of tickets your office handles is great, but providing a visual representation of how tickets are managed is better because there is no room for misinterpretation but more importantly, the risk of boring the reader into an information overload coma….

Well, Smartsheet can bring your work to life!

To me, this is an awesome online tool provided by Google to help anyone manage their own day-to-day tasks or projects for free (small tasks/projects). If you want to use for team management or collaboration there is a fee but it is definitely worth trying for free. Upload an exisiting spreadheet or data source, then test out the visualizations you can convert them into.

Visit the site or Watch the Overview below for more information:

Feel free to share other time management, task/project management tools. Especially true OpenSource online tools.

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