Avoiding the Awkward Pause

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Networking From the Light Side of the Force

Create a Different Paradigm for Networking

Lots of people are hesitant about networking and associate it with stress, being too transactional. However, networking can be enjoyable, read below for more tips!

Episode 1: Know Your Archetypes

Darth Vader: How can I use you?

Jargon Guy– Only speaking in acronyms

Unintelligible Guy– Mumbling and grumbling

When networking try avoiding being any of the aforementioned archetypes and spend time interacting with other people who positive and seem eager to initiate conversations

Episode 2: Understanding the Light

  • Network from a place of service
    • Ask people about their passions
  • Reframe your role
    • View yourself as a host
    • Ask others questions besides what they do or where they work
  • Play the long game
    • Follow up with people
    • Keep in touch
    • Make sure you build your network before you need it
  • Manage expectations
    • Acknowledge that it takes time to build a network
  • Work as a team
    • Focus on how a collective goal can be furthered

Tips & Tricks for Awkward Networkers

If you are a person who breaks out in a cold sweat from thinking about networking, take a deep breath. Remember that people love to talk about themselves, go to a networking event prepared with questions to ask. People also like to talk to people that are enthusiastic, think of several topics related to your job or hobbies to bring up in conversation. If you tend to ramble give yourself time limit and then connect with them on LinkedIn or give them your business card.

May the force be with you!

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