Beachfront, or Socialfront Property for Rent – No Bedbugs!

(From the Kings of Metaphor at KME…why should all the physical land, property owners and developers have all the fun?)

That’s right, we’ve got some amazing un-real estate now for rent, in all the great places.

Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway, or longer-term (monthly contracts available) socialfront property – we’ve got attractive options for you. Seeking a short term stay among the technorati in sunny San Diego? Need a monthly rental with all the amenities in the company of other New Jersey shore online enthusiasts? Looking to rub shoulders online with fun-loving, healthy lifestyles and the social media elite of Denver? Looking to be a virtual roommate with other Twitter fans in DC, but don’t want the hassle or risk of ownership or long-term commitments?

Several highly desirable, attractive, extremely conversational socialfront properties or “channels” are available today, for temporary, short or long-term lease. Your lease agreement can range from full-time residence to metered instances of occupation. Let others know you’re visiting, or rest comfortably in virtual anonymity. “Occupy our social media” with easy terms, minimal damage deposit and few restrictions on redecoration – “furniture” and post-visit cleanup included!

If you’re really cool – we’ll throw in some free nights.

Rent a piece of the socialfront action today – in these easy steps:

1 – Choose your audience, your ideal social community – top-visited, fun locations currently include DC, San Diego, Denver, Northern Virginia and New Jersey! (We’re also the largest un-land owner of the most desirable virtual locations in picturesque @Loudoun County, VA – http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifDC‘s Wine & Beer Country!)

2 – Tell us your rental plans – how often will you visit, over what time period?

3 – What would you say to your neighbors, your new community? Are you going to be loud and obnoxious, or just chillax?

4 – Do you mind roommates, or want the property all for yourself?

5 – Perhaps you’d like help – letting others know about your parties, your presence, your pad? Your pumped-up kicks?

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