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Choosing an Internet, Digital Interactive Marketing Services Partner – Interviews and RFP/RFIs

How to evaluate your digital, interactive marketing partner, for local and regional businesses – particularly in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia marketing and advertising area. We’ll put it out there – as you evaluate prospective partners like KME Internet Marketing to help with web marketing initiatives, gaining exposure for your business and driving newRead… Read more »

Online Digital Reputation Management is a Requirement for Marketing Strategy & PR in DC

Nearly every business conducting business in the DC or Northern Virginia area (and elsewhere) is finding that more and more effort is required to manage their online reviews and feedback. Particularly for local or regional businesses, the very first thing online consumers do in considering to visit or buy, is to seek out online reviews,Read… Read more »

Selling Federal Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Selling Federal Enterprise Architecture A taxonomy of subject areas, from which to develop a prioritized marketing and communications plan to evangelize EA activities within and among US Federal Government organizations and constituents. Any and all feedback is appreciated, particularly in developing and extending this discussion as a tool for use – more information and detailsRead… Read more »

Create a Social Community of Trust Along With Your Digital Services Governance Framework

The Digital Services Governance Recommendations were recently released, supporting the US Federal Government’s Digital Government Strategy Milestone Action #4.2 to establish agency-wide governance structures for developing and delivering digital services. Figure 1 – From: “Digital Services Governance Recommendations” While extremely important from a policy and procedure perspective within an Agency’s information management and communications enterprise,Read… Read more »

Sequestration Planning Benefits from Enterprise Architecture-Driven Value Engineering

The next 5 months portend a spectacle of US Congressional battles to be waged ahead of the pending, mandatory “sequester” – automatic, mandatory federal government spending reductions of about $1 Trillion over 9 years, in non-exempt, discretionary appropriations, set to take effect 1/2/2013. Forward-thinking planners in government IT organizations, in large Programs that depend uponRead… Read more »

Google Penguin, Twitter, and Keyword Research

Trendspotter Interactive Marketing Article – by Fulcrum Marketing Group Google Penguin and SEO Google regularly updates and tweaks its algorithms in order to reduce spam and remove weak pages from the first page of its organic search results. Google’s latest update, Penguin, targets Black Hat SEO artists that use aggressive SEO techniques and over-spamming andRead… Read more »

A Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture – Actionable Solutions

The recent “Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture” (US Executive Office of the President, May 2 2012) is extremely timely and well-organized guidance for the Federal IT investment and deployment community, as useful for Federal Departments and Agencies as it is for their stakeholders and integration partners. The guidance not only helps IT Program PlannersRead… Read more »

The Solution Acquisition Architect – Sharding the Procurement

The role, impact and usefulness of the “Solution Architect” (i.e. “SA”; to the “Enterprise Architect” or “System Architect”) has been clarifying for several years across the IT Consulting community, particularly given the increasingly complex nature of SOA, Cloud-centric and Multi-Platform solutions required to meet increasingly real-time, agile and resource-constrained business information management requirements. The SA’sRead… Read more »

Better Website Interaction Metrics for Economic Development

For the purposes of local or regional economic development, Internet exposure of marketing material is incredibly important. However, understanding whether the Internet exposure is actually supporting goals and objectives, and to what degree it’s generating useful interaction, isn’t easy, and certainly takes more people, time and expertise to work out than this simple blog postRead… Read more »

On Becoming an IT Solution Architect – 5 Critical Practices

The Information Technology (IT) inventory of HR role and position labels is broad and deep. IT position descriptions may be closely associated with actual black box technology (like “Microsft Windows Server 2008 Administrator” or “Storage Area Network (SAN) Engineer”), or they may describe roles in a methodology-driven context required for IT success (“IT Project Manager”,Read… Read more »