Become a Brilliant Communicator (Part 4 of 5): Improve How You Take and Receive Criticism

Last week, GovLoop and YGL hosted a half day training event for up and coming government leaders, who heard from experts on the topics of career management, leadership, communications, and more. One of the sessions, titled “Become a Brilliant Communicator,” provided tips on communicating via email and telephone, giving and receiving feedback, and holding successful meetings. Today’s post provides tips for giving and receiving feedback

Giving Feedback

• Give feedback in person, when possible.

– Use video, if remote

– Avoid email/chat – too impersonal

Hand-written notes = rare, but respected

Relate to your coworkers / managers / employees:

– If you’ve had similar weaknesses, share your story with the person and how you improved

• Be specific. What exactly did you like or not like?

Make it easy for people to give feedback:

– Office hours

– Suggestion box

– Feedback email address

– Offer incentives

Receiving Feedback

• Say “thank you.”

Listen to understand.

• Don’t get defensive.

• Ask questions to get specificity.

• Give it serious consideration.

Do something about it.

• The only person you can change = YOU!

Are these relevant to you/your agency? Any others you would add?

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