Become a Brilliant Government Communicator (Part 1 of 5)

Professional communication is probably the most important soft skill a person can have. Our communication style conveys our reliability, responsibility, professionalism, and knowledge. How we express ourselves virtually and in person can make a difference in job applications, interviews, sales pitches, team work, and so much more.

Given the importance of the topic, we at GovLoop did some research into communications, identified common challenges, and gathered tips. I co-presented with Andrew Krzmarzik on our findings at the GovLoop and YGL half day training event, NextGen+, and our presentation is available below:

Become a Brilliant Communicator Blog Series:

Part 1: Become a Brilliant Communicator

Part 2: Excel at Email

Part 3: Transform Your Telephone Calls

Part 4: Improve How You Take and Receive Criticism

Part 5: Stop Wasting Time in Meetings

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