Benefits of Working in a Large Agency

Six years ago I started working for the Department of the Navy as a Naval Acquisition Intern. This marked the beginning of my Department of Defense career. In the past six years, I worked in six different offices, three at the Washington Navy Yard, two at the Pentagon, and one in Rosslyn, VA. During my tenure I’ve worked in four career fields; acquisition, program management, policy and human resources.

The opportunities afforded to you in a large government agency, such as the Department of Defense, are tremendous. If you are feeling stagnant in your current position, there are numerous opportunities available in the department for you to explore. You can change careers or change offices, the choice is yours. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to apply to most of these positions, but you carry with you a working knowledge of the largest organization in the world. As we all know, with good there is bad. On the flip side, you can get lost in such a large agency, so it is important to make your mark by taking advantage of opportunities and networking.

Cara Spiro
YGL Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

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