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Enterprising 2.0 and the Smashing of Silos

In one of the second breakout sessions today, a panel of presenters representing the Department of State, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration and the International Finance Corporation shared the tools that their respective agencies are using to drive innovation and smash information silos. They have shared their technological tools and adaptations ofRead… Read more »

What Is Your Boss Really Looking For (And Thinking)?

We all have bosses. For many employees, that means one deceivingly simple question generates a great deal of thought: what is my boss thinking? After a high-energy lunchtime session, Next Generation of Government participants attending one of the breakout sessions had the opportunity to tackle this question and learn how its answer can help guideRead… Read more »

Public Service in Action at NextGen!

During this year’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit, public service both within and outside of the workplace will be highlighted, as GovLoop and the Young Government Leaders will have a collection drive at the summit for the National Capital Area Food Bank! This is in conjunction with the annual Feds Feed Families initiative, andRead… Read more »

A Tale of Two Parties: Promoting Bipartisanship

Last week my friend at YGL Cara Ann Bumgardner wrote a blog about an awesome POLITICO event she attended that inspired her. She doesn’t have a GovLoop account, but wanted to share her experience: “One of my favorite DC pastimes is going to events–especially of the political persuasion. Washington is teeming with opportunities to notRead… Read more »

YGL-LA: Maximizing Your Early Years – From NextGen to SES

Thanks again to everyone who attended our session at NextGen, Maximizing Your Early Years: From NextGen to SES. It was a packed room of 200+ aspiring government leaders! Here is a brief summary for those who could not attend, along with the mentioned training and development resources to continue your NextGen journey throughout the year.Read… Read more »

Learn More About How to Get Involved with Young Government Leaders

Dave Uejio, Lead for Talent Acquisition, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and President, Young Government Leaders, started off the lunch break out session taking some time talking about Young Government Leaders. “We want to help you formalize the Next Generation of Government event 365 days a year,” stated Dave. The YGL website states: Young Government LeadersRead… Read more »

The Myth of “Amazing Managers”

A couple weeks ago, I shared a blog post promoting a free online training hosted by GovLoop and Young Government Leaders (YGL) entitled “Top 3 Secrets to Being an Amazing Manager.” It turns out that “there are no secrets,” according to our presenter Tom Fox, the Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the PartnershipRead… Read more »

What Are the Secrets to Being an Amazing Manager?

Being a manager isn’t easy — especially when you’re confronted with tight resources and tough decisions. And being a manager is different from being a leader, right? Leaders cast an inspiring vision and empower people at an organizational level to achieve it. Managers are really the front-line supervisors responsible for ensuring the goals are executedRead… Read more »