Benlamri et al. on Secure Human Face Authentication for Mobile E-government Transactions

Professor Rachid Benlamri of the Lakehead University Department of Software Engineering, and colleagues, have published Secure Human Face Authentication for Mobile E-government Transactions, 8 International Journal of Mobile Communications 71 (2010). Here is the abstract:

This paper describes a joint biometric-cryptographic authentication system for mobile e-government transactions. The system can be used to verify, prove, and enforce ‘mobile contracts’. The proposed system offers a cryptographical mutually-authenticated image exchange and face identification scheme, as well as remote signing of documents by transferring an authenticated image for personal face and signature operation. The system integrates two physically secured entities, a mobile device camera and a smart-card, both certified by some authority to enable undeniable visualised ‘mobile signature’. The result is a secured, traceable e-government infeasible-to-clone virtual person in a form that can be seen as a trustable ‘e-officer’.

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