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Supreme Court Hears Arguments in False Claims Act Case

On April 19, I was fortunate enough to attend oral arguments at the Supreme Court for Universal Health Services v. Escobar. Although the facts of the case were tied to filings for reimbursement under Medicaid, the legal question at hand – whether the submission of an invoice to the government is an implied certification thatRead… Read more »

Benlamri et al. on Secure Human Face Authentication for Mobile E-government Transactions

Professor Rachid Benlamri of the Lakehead University Department of Software Engineering, and colleagues, have published Secure Human Face Authentication for Mobile E-government Transactions, 8 International Journal of Mobile Communications 71 (2010). Here is the abstract: This paper describes a joint biometric-cryptographic authentication system for mobile e-government transactions. The system can be used to verify, prove,Read… Read more »