Best Solar PV Efficiency – An Ongoing Competition

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There is an ongoing competition to build the most efficient solar PV technology. As soon as one company claims the most efficient product, another comes along with a competing claim. Today, we have two new performance claims to share.

Two companies, Semprius and Alta Devices have recently released statements that their products have reached new levels of solar PV efficiency. The two companies have taken different approaches in their efforts toward achieving higher efficiencies and, thus, cost competitiveness for solar PV. One (Alta Devices) has thin film PV technology at the heart of its strategy, while the other (Semprius) uses a novel solar concentrating design to achieve its ends. Both seem to work – independent labs have tested both – so it will be interesting to see how far each technology can be pushed.

Friendly competition aside, we’re happy to report that both companies are based in the U.S. Alta Devices is located in California, while Semprius’ headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in North Carolina. Read more about the new efficiency claims at

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