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Move Over MPG, There’s a New Way to Measure Efficiency

Wh/kg is the new way to measure efficiency for vehicles; well, EVs and hybrids at least. Wh/kg stands for watt hours per kilogram, and it is a measurement of energy density. Essentially, the higher the Wh/kg number, the more energy-dense the battery. Energy-dense batteries can be smaller and lighter, and thus hold great potential forRead… Read more »

Friday Green Video: The Warriors of Qiugang

It’s Friday, and the Oscars are coming up. Normally that doesn’t mean much for a blog that focuses on green, but today that’s different. That’s because today we’re sharing an Academy Award-Nominated (2011) documentary about a heavily polluted area of China called Quigang. The Warriors of Qiugang “tells the story of how the villagers foughtRead… Read more »

Water Efficiency Goes High-Tech, Sleek

This isn’t your father’s water meter. This is a lean, mean, water-saving machine. Unfortunately it isn’t available for purchase yet, (at least we can’t find it) but the water meter shown below, designed by Marc Schomann, would integrate easily into existing systems, power itself and send water use data directly to wireless devices. Of course,Read… Read more »

Green Your Commute with This New App

Have you ever found yourself driving to work, constantly hitting red lights? Do you often slow down, to almost a complete stop, only to have the light turn green – and your fuel efficiency plunge? If so, read on. Stop-and-go driving (and the fuel-wasting that goes with it) has been tormenting commuters for as longRead… Read more »

Green Building Skills Training Funding Announced

At the end of last week, the DOE and Commerce Department announced that they had teamed up to provide $1.3 million for green building skills training through the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program. The funding is intended for training programs that will increase energy efficiency, reduceRead… Read more »

EIA Predicts Future U.S. Electricity Mix

A few days ago, the EIA published its Annual Energy Outlook 2012 Early Release. In the Outlook, the EIA looks at past energy trends (1990-2010), considers current law and subsidies, and then predicts the future energy mix for the nation’s electricity. The graph above shows that they expect renewables to grow, but for coal toRead… Read more »

Energy Company Takes the Plunge on Wave Power

Wave power is one of those technologies that has yet to come of age, but that many believe holds great promise. Now, across the pond, one company has decided to give it a try. Ecotricity, a UK-based company that has traditionally built wind turbines, is now developing Searaser, an invention that “harnesses the almost constantRead… Read more »