Bill White, US Postal Service employee and dedicated CFC supporter now on the Cover of the Special CFC Section of the September 18 Express – A True Story.

Sometimes in life you need to experience something to start believing in it. This has been the story for Bill White, a US Postal Service employee from Virginia. In 1993, tragedy stuck Bill as he suffered a major accident which led to him being out of work for about a year. Because of this catastrophic event, he and his small family nearly lost their home. U Before his injury Bill said, “I did not contribute to the CFC because I didn’t believe in it.”

Combined Federal Campaign – charities stepped in and helped Bill save his home. The CFC made a difference to him and his family. It was at this point that Bill started believing in the CFC. Through firsthand experience, Bill learned of the power of the Combined Federal Campaign, and now he says “Your contribution to CFC helped provide assistance to me and my family. That caused me to stop and think I need to help provide assistance to others. Through my contributions, I am glad to say that I am able to assist others and it’s good to know that I make it possible.” –

Join Bill and a remarkable community of federal workers who make it possible. Give to the CFC.

Make It Possible.

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