Blog updates: Customized greetings

Experiment, measure, tweak, experiment, measure, tweak…. Experimentation as a way of learning what works for your audience while helping you achieve your goals is critical for your success in business, in government, in blogging, in life, and on and on….

My newest experiment has a simple goal of increasing community size on every channel I participate by using the WP Greetings plug-in for WordPress. The plug-in allows me to provide a custom message to my blog readers based upon how you come to a given blog post. For example, if you come from clicking on a link in Twitter I ask you to follow me on Twitter. If you come from LinkedIn I suggest connecting there. Facebook? Join my fan page. For this experiment:

  • I installed the WP Greetings plugin.
  • The plug-in comes with a large set of customized messages for various channels that it considers popular. I updated the messages to sound more “John-like” in order to get the base messages setup.
  • I took a close look at my top 5 or 6 referral sources and added the missing referral sources to the plug-in.
  • Wait and see…

While the experiment is not perfect, it cannot be executed in a vacuum, I’ll let you know if I see any noticeable bump over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Let me know what you think of these messages and, if you’ve done this yourself, what results you have seen. Talk soon.


Originally posted on Government 2.0 in Action.

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