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The importance of culture change in open government

Open government cannot succeed through technology only. Open data, ideation platforms, cloud solutions, and social media are great tools but when they are used to deliver government services using existing models they can only deliver partial value, value which can not be measured and value that is unclear to anyone but the technology practitioners thatRead… Read more »

New Presidential Memos show a narrow vision for open government

President Obama has done an excellent job moving open government efforts forward, making open government a priority. His initial Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, issued on January 21, 2009, provided guidance and defined open government as being formed by three cornerstones: transparency, participation, and collaboration, giving agencies a clear timetable for delivering their ownRead… Read more »

LotusSphere 2011 is having a solid Open Government Track

I will be attending LotusSphere 2011 as one of IBM’s special guess bloggers, meaning it will not cost me anything to be there as IBM is covering the cost (getting that out-of-the-way). My primary interest in the conference, beyond continuing to learn more about progress with their Lotus Connections product, is the Open Government trackRead… Read more »