Boehner will cut Hill budgets by 5 percent

For all those asking Congress to make the same sacrifices they are asking of others —

Incoming Speaker John Boehner said he will propose to cut nearly every office budget by five percent as one of Congress’ first measures next year.

In an interview set to air Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” the Ohio Republican said lawmaker should start shrinking budgets and tightening belts by “cutting Congress.”

“I’m gonna cut my budget – my leadership budget – 5 percent,” he said, in video released by CBS.” I’m gonna cut all the leadership budgets by 5 percent. I’m going to cut every committee’s budget by 5 percent. And every member is going to see a 5 percent reduction in their allowance. All together that’s 25, 30 million dollars that likely would be one of the first votes we cast. We can start with ourselves.”

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Sterling Whitehead

Interesting idea as long as it’s done right. Cutting Congressional Aide salaries could result, and those 20-somethings run Congress — I kid you not. They get paid virtually nothing (less than teachers), usually starting under $30,000 with no benefits.

Cutting House Reps’ pay by 5% might be a better use of the money, and it would send a more specific message to the country — “Hey, we’re cutting our pay!” That’s more specific, and I think a better talking point than saying “Hey, we’re cutting our budgets”.