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Why does government divide not unite?

Ukraine, Syria, South Sudan, Venezuela, Iraq, Egypt — all divided by deadly violence resulting from dissatisfaction with government. Scotland and Catalonia — two most prominent sub national regions conducting succession referendums based on dissatisfaction with government. Walonia, Basque, Quebec, Tibet, — most well known regions with active separatist movements. Colorado & California — states withRead… Read more »

Why do change agents resist change?

I’ve have been noticing a trend among “change agents” in the federal government lately. They are often the very people dragging their feet and resisting to their last breath compliance with policies and procedures to actually implement real change. Contrary to popular belief, most agencies already have policies, procedures etc. to review, approve and implementRead… Read more »

First pay your bills, then love your work

Follow this or any other website dealing with profesional life or organizational leadership and you quickly see a common theme of encourging individuals to focus on self actualization, leaders to focus on serving followers and employees to live their passion through their work. Doing the job, taking responsability for deliverables and earning a living appearRead… Read more »

Is voting an act of revenge?

On Friday President Obama told his supporters “Voting is the best revenge”. I participated in my first campaign by wearing buttons to the 6th grade in 1968, voted for the first time in 1976, volunteered or worked as paid staff in more than a dozen congressional, senate or presidential campaigns, paid close attention to allRead… Read more »

Use the FAR to stop Iran from getting the bomb

Slogging my way through the DAU online COR training has generated a question. If we translated all Federal Acquisition Regulations into Farzi and secretly insinuated them into Iranian government policy, wouldn’t that completely halt their ability to procure anything, let alone a nuke, in under 50 years?

The Person behind the Person

They have many titles [Chief of Staff, Sergeant Major, Senior Adviser, Policy Counselor, Special Assistant, Confidential Assistant/Adviser etc.] but one thing in common. They extend the eyes, ears and managerial control of a decision maker while having little, if any positional authority of their own. Project/program managers need to understand the role of these individualsRead… Read more »