BRAC and the Mark Center

So, I’m following the quickly moving story of the Mark Center and a potential Fairfax County lawsuit for several reasons – the Mark Center is one exit away from my house, I used to live in Cystal City, I tend to follow all things BRAC for my job…and I love fairies.

I suppose the county officials are considering the lawsuit as a “better late than never” option and it’s certainly a reminder of the challenges on the horizon as this entire region looks to cope with a massive influx of employees, and in some cases BRAC moves that are forcing folks to commute across Washington, D.C. in order to get to new offices in Fort Meade, Md, and thousands of new employees moving to Fort Belvoir, Va.

Even at ClearanceJobs, where I bask in the comfort of a home office, we’re seeing the impact of BRAC and security clearance adjudication as a result of BRAC impacts on security personnel.

WTOP reports the Fairfax County board of supervisor’s will weigh its options in a closed door meeting today. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from folks who are slated to move to the Mark Center or who are otherwise affected by BRAC – how are you taking the latest developments?

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