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Personnel Security, Insider Threats and Continuous Evaluation

 I want to kick off this series by looking back at the Into Dangerous Hands story, which aired during the CBS news program “60 Minutes”. In this segment, Scott Pelley reported on now-identified lapses in the process that grants U.S. Government security clearances, particularly profiling the cases of three people – Edward Snowden, Bradley ManningRead… Read more »

INSA Security Clearance Reform Recommendations

Since 1947 the average spy began committing espionage after 12 years of service. That highlights why periodic reinvestigations (PR) are critically important. The influential Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has released the Security Reform Policy Council white paper on Leveraging Emerging Technologies in the Security Clearance Process. INSA includes a number of connected, heavyRead… Read more »

Alcohol and Your Security Clearance

Your use of alcohol and, more specifically, the following circumstances, can impact your eligibility for a security clearance: a. Criminal conduct involving alcohol b. Counseling or treatment for alcohol use c. Excessive use/drinking to intoxication There are various sections on the Personnel Security Questionnaire SF-86 which can elicit responses to determine if your judgment shouldRead… Read more »

The Importance of Project Schedule in Government Program Management

The government runs on programs. Studies have shown effective program management saves the government time, and money. In a fiscal environment dominated by sequestration, how do program managers stay above the fray? In this four-part series we’ll take a look at managing schedule, cost, scope, and quality. We’ll give you valuable tips and feedback toRead… Read more »

Are You ‘Outing’ Yourself on Social Sites?

Defense industry and IC professionals be aware – just because you can list your employer on public facing social media sites doesn’t make it a best practice. Several intelligence community professionals are actually under fire today for ‘outing’ their status with the Belgium intelligence community through popular social sites. You certainly can still network online,Read… Read more »

Security Clearance Application Tips for Millennials

Obtaining a security clearance can be a pain, but the career benefits are worth it. As someone in his or her twenties, putting together a security clearance package presents unique problems. It’s said that millennials are great at multi-tasking – their memories seem to be less clear, if you ask security clearance investigators, as manyRead… Read more »

Companies Favor Cleared Candidates

It won’t come as a surprise to most cleared professionals or hiring managers – despite improvements in clearance processing times, companies still prefer to hire already cleared candidates. This is good news for professionals who already have clearances, bad news for those who don’t or who are anticipating needing a higher-level clearance at some pointRead… Read more »