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OK I’ve always thought enterprise IT was cool. But now the hottest IT professionals from Silicon Valley, guys like Kirk Dunn of Cloudera, Aaron Levie of Box, Todd McKinnon of Okta and Justin Rosenstein of Asana are articulating why it is especially hot right now. These great innovators helped highlight some of the big reasons why IT for enterprises is so important during a panel at TechCrunch’s Disrupt.

My view: Kirk Dunn did a great job spelling out the importance of the datacenter. Levie did a great job of articulating how new capabilities available to enterprises can be very disruptive, empowering new organizations in ways that make them more agile. And Justine Rosenstein provided a very compelling articulation about the importance of empowering people to get big missions done. All these were topics that really underscored well the importance of the enterprise and IT support to enterprise missions. This is well worth a watch.

For more see this great video:

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