Deloittes Australia social media report offers guidance for internal comms

Deloittes Australia has released its Social Media Report 2012, providing much more than a glimpse into how social media is empowering their staff to connect, collaborate and solve problems, sharing wisdom, knowledge and ideas to deliver better customer outcomes.

If your executive and internal communications area are still resistant to the use of social media within the firewall, this report provides some compelling, statistically-supported evidence and examples of how social media can transform the inner landscape of an organisation, making it more responsive, innovative and effective.

Roaming from recruitment through gamification to scone making (an example of complex problem definition and solution via internal collaboration), the report is one of the most accessible and readable I’ve found in communicating how social media tools can make a difference to an organisation – private or public sector.

They’ve also done a great job of distilling an internal social media policy down to three words: Empower and trust.

Visit the Social Media Report 2012 (PDF).

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