Brooklyn man finds and resells discarded MetroCards

A NYC man has found a way to turn discarded MetroCards into cash. He collects the cards, bundles them into single $5 cards, and resells them for $4.

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Corey McCarren

I actually find this really interesting but am confused how he makes a profit by selling them for $4. I’m sure most of them don’t have more than a dollar on them!

Susan Bregman

You’re right. What he does is pick up MetroCards with small values on them — maybe a dollar or maybe a few cents. When he has $5 worth of cards, he turns them in for a single $5 card, and that’s what he sells to commuters for $4. Picking up discarded MetroCards is not illegal, but reselling them is. The original post on The Transit Wire explains in more detail:

Corey McCarren

Ohh okay, that makes sense. Not sure if anyone would actually get busted for that in NYC unless it was ridiculously blatant.