Budget Hero 2.0 (Get Your Game on and Save the Republic!)

Many news agencies are reporting that everyone’s favorite flashbased game has recently been upgraded and just in time. Budget Hero 2.0 is now live! (Budget Hero 2.0) Back in 2008 the first version of Budget Hero hit the interwebs as a device to help educate individuals on just how complicated our Nation’s budget is. The good people of American Public Media have truly found a gem in this use of media, and more to the point casual gaming, as a way to educate people on the difficulties of a balanced budget.

So what do you think? Can YOU balance the budget and save the Republic from almost certain economic doom?

..public engagement over issues that truly matter..epic win.

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Chris Poirier

I’m pretty sure people would be more engaged if the Federal Government hired Sid Meier (Civilization fame) to design all our software..Just saying..