Building an innovation culture

One of the best blogs I read regularly on innovation is 100% Open. The latest post there is a pretty interesting one on building an innovation culture.

The tips are:

  1. Focus on fostering a viral innovation culture one person/team at a time
  2. Build innovation habits
  3. Institutionalise what innovation looks like
  4. Give mavericks & their networks permission to innovate
  5. Celebrate benefits of creative-thinking, risk-taking & mistake making in personal and professional lives
  6. Incentivise inner motivation as much as financial or professional rewards
  7. Give innovation (a) space & bring it to life

Read the whole post for a description of each one.

Not sure I would agree with them all – number 3 gives me the willies – but certainly food for thought!

Any you would add, or question?

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Jeff Ribeira

Interesting thoughts. Innovation and creativity are sometimes very difficult to come by, especially when they are pushed via deadlines and expectations. It’s tough to be creative when you have a million eyes anticipating and watching your every move. For that reason, I particularly like number 7. Give creativity time and space, and it will come on its own, completely uninhibited and probably more effective than if it had been a requirement.