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Driving Government Innovation Through Chance Encounters

What do Bell Labs, Apple, the State of Rhode Island and Wake County, North Carolina have in common? They all created environments that facilitate interdisciplinary connections to drive new ideas, based on the understanding that innovation is most likely to happen through collaboration as opposed to the lone inventor working in isolation.

Endless Possibilities for the Public Sector

In the private sector, there is no shortage of examples of successful industry disruptors. However, the public sector faces a unique challenge: How do you keep pace with private industry? How do you innovate in a market that is moving very quickly, especially when it comes to technology?

Apply Intelligent Automation and Think Differently About Networks

Incorporating new technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), can provide improved network functions, management and operations. There are a number of challenges to achieving digital transformation, but intelligent automation can better enable agencies to adopt SDN and NFV into their infrastructure.