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Technology Can Promote DEI in Prisons

Despite recent progress with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, one largely minority demographic — the incarcerated — lags behind. Prioritizing DEI principles in prisons starts by equipping incarcerated individuals for success as soon as they enter a facility.

Government Agencies Need Generative AI Laboratories

Government agencies need room to find out the best uses of AI to achieve their goals and to help those they serve. They need AI laboratories that provide a safe space to experiment, to find out what works, and — maybe more importantly — what doesn’t.

Embracing Blamelessness to Improve Government Services

Understanding the root cause of complex system failures can be tricky, and our desire for accountability may sometimes be at odds with learning the root cause. Incorporating blameless postmortems to help identify issues could help agencies provide better services to those who need them.