Busting the Filibuster

A growing public anti-incumbent sentiment (according to most national polls), towards the current Administration, may be symptomatic of the effectiveness the opposition is having in using filibusters to effectively paralyze the Senate; derail Democratic
initiatives, including healthcare reform, financial regulation, and the confirmation of Administration’s political nominees.

and writer Thomas Geoghegan
provides an insightful perspective on filibusters, how filibusters came about, what they were originally intended to do, and and how today’s exploited filibuster “catch 22” effectively paralyzes government, by both parties. What are your thoughts on filibusters? Should filibusters be ruled unconstitutional by the Vice-President or do they serve a useful purpose?

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Generally not a fan but it does go to some of the philosophy of books like “Bureaucracy” which say it is a good thing. Actually it is really hard to create change in gov’t for a number of mechanism plus checks/balances with exec/jud/leg but that’s actually the point and is a good thing. Prevents us from moving too fast in the wrong direction…