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Call for Papers: Workshop on Modelling Legal Cases and Legal Rules @ JURIX 2010

A call for papers — with submission deadline of 5 November 2010 — has been issued for the 2010 Workshop on Modelling Legal Cases and Legal Rules, to be held 15 December 2010 at the University of Liverpool, in Liverpool, England, UK, in conjunction with JURIX 2010: The 23rd International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems.

Here is the workshop description:

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum in which researchers can present their research on modelling legal cases and legal rules.
Papers are solicited that model a particular legal case or a small set of legal rules. Authors are free to choose the case or set of legal rules and analyse them according to the authors’ preferred model of representation; any theoretical discussion should be grounded in or exemplified by the case or rules at hand. Papers should make clear what are the particular distinctive features of their approach and why these features are useful in modelling the chosen case or rules. The workshop is an opportunity for authors to demonstrate the benefits of their approach and for group discussions to identify useful overlapping features as well as aspects to be further explored and developed.

For more information, please see the call for papers on Dr. Adam Wyner’s blog, Language Logic Law Software.

Disclosure: I am a member of the workshop’s Programme Committee.

HT Dr. Adam Wyner.

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