Call for Wikipedians to assist on GovLoop entry

I just submitted a draft Wikipedia entry about GovLoop.

I’ve made a couple of small submissions to the Internet Movie Database over the years, but this is my first go at Wikipedia, and I’ve very little confidence in the result. Anyone with Wikipedia experience is encouraged to scoot over there and make it better. The encyclopedia requires published, refereed third-party references–basically, no blogs or discussion posts–and in the course of this, I’ve learned that GovLoop has been shamefully overlooked by the media. (Why hasn’t the Washington Post done a big work-up on this community, fer cryin’ out loud?) If you know of more comprehensive published references about the community, please dive right in. My initial submission is little more than a stub.

Wikipedia incorporates an interesting Category architecture that I think would be useful for this entry–“government” and “social media” come to mind–but the encyclopedia’s instructions for adding Articles to Categories isn’t especially helpful, so if you’re familiar with that particular wikivoodoo, by all means have a ball.

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