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KDOT’s YouTube learning moment

I’ve been unabashed about the high points of KDOT’s social media operation, so it’s only fair that I note our missteps–like this one, cross-posted from K-TOC. — Here’s a link to KDOT’s informational video discussing the four proposed alternatives for Kansas passenger rail expansion detailed in the recently released AMTRAK study. That’s the third iterationRead… Read more »

A modest proposal for real participatory government

I propose that all Gov 2.0 people consider the following pilot program: Imagine an online community of all registered U.S. voters. The community would be distributed across county clerk offices. There are about 150 million registered voters, and about 3,100 U.S. counties. Such a national community can be easily piloted: Establish pilot communities in sixRead… Read more »

USAF social media Incident Response chart

I spent Thursday and Friday at Free State Social, a social media conference sponsored by the World Company in Lawrence, Kansas. I was the only government participant. I learned a number of interesting things, but the EUREKA! moment for me as a government practitioner was provided by Jeremiah Owyang, whose presentation included this social-media responseRead… Read more »

In the Sandbox with our internal online community

At the moment, KDOT’s most interesting social media effort is the launch of KPN-1, our internal online community. It’s a much different undertaking than the launch of K-TOC, our public-facing community. KPN-1 is in the Leverage Sandbox, a “training-wheels” environment that looks and functions like an actual community. KPN-1 might one day be open toRead… Read more »

Twitter stats, plus Flickr and the GovLoop effect

Short one: I’ve posted a blog on K-TOC reporting the data provided by Tweetreach, a way-cool application that takes a stab at quantifying the “reach” of a Twitter account. Visit us at K-TOC for the details, but here’s the juicy bits: Tweetreach estimates that our combined accounts generated about 100,000 impressions within an audience ofRead… Read more »

Rhode Island leads the way!

Transportation people are probably already aware of this, but staffers at all agencies are encouraged to check out the Rhode Island Department of Transportation press release about their use of online outreach and social media during the Flood of 2010. The juicy bits: RIDOT’s web page saw a 40-fold increase in traffic at the heightRead… Read more »