Calling for PMF Experiences

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A number of current PMFs are working with GovLoop to put together a guide to the PMF Program, including what it’s like to BE a PMF. While the audience on this blog to date has been applicants working their way through the PMF process, the fact is that many of you will become finalists and eventually successful PMFs. We would like to collect vignettes describing your experiences with the program, including any of the following: why you wanted to be a PMF; what you hope to accomplish in the program; what you think of any portion of the application process; your views on and experiences with training, rotations, and conversion; and anything else you want to share. As we get closer to publishing such a guide, we will solidify the list of topics. Expect it to cover the major areas, of course, but feel free to suggest things we may not have considered.

If you are a current, former, or hopeful PMF with some experience with the process and want to contribute anything, you can leave comments here; an email address is forthcoming, as are further details.

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I’d touch on a few basics:

-How to stay informed – from PMF listserv to GovLoop to reading magazines like govexec, fcw

-How to network – from networking with PMFs to networking in your agency to associations
-How to get stuff done in govt – tips on how to balance being too shy and too loud, knowing when to play what cards, be realistic about time it takes/etc