Can you help me ID sites to post job openings?

The official place to post federal job openings is

But we’re also allowed to post them on other online job sites. I’m guessing we’ll simply describe the jobs in plain language and then link to the usajobs listing.

So I’m looking for suggestions. Whatcha know?

Especially helpful would be links to articles or other lists where people rate the sites for # of users, ease of use, etc.

I’ll keep adding to the list below as people submit them via comments.


Sites I already know of:

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Jeffrey – I’d encourage you to reach out to Amy Loveridge at the VA. We just tag-teamed a webinar on HR 2.0 for the Partnership for Public Service yesterday and she shared her immense success in using Craigslist and other social media sites as tools for recruitment of quality candidates. Also, she has a great “Federal Recruiters” group going here on GovLoop…and you may want to post your question in the 300+ Human Resources Group.

Hope this is helpful…and eager to hear what you learn…can you get back to us with your great, long list? 😉

Victoria Hunter

Hi Jeff, I have a list of contacts that I use regularly to post CDC’s hard to fill positions. I’d be happy to share. I’ll send it to your email address. Best, vicki

Vicki Hunter
Strategic Recruiter
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
404.498.6528 office
404.808.8321 cell

Jeffrey Levy

@Vicki: great! I look forward to getting it.

@Andrew: wonderful! Thanks for all the resources. And yes, you know me: I’ll share. 🙂


Careerbuilder is a good one, and Jobing as well…just don’t forget professional organizations – their websites oftentimes have job listings, and by posting your jobs on these sites, you’ll target more specifically the area of expertise you are looking for!

Kathleen Smith

You could also try our site http://www.ClearedJobs.Net – we are the exclusive provider of job postings and resume data base searches for security cleared personnel for the TSA. I also saw Andy’s presentation last week, and saw that the VA in areas outside of the DC area was having luck posting jobs on Craiglist.