Crossing the Finish Line after 41 years, Relaxed and Calm!

On the day I sat down to begin this blog post, I had just lost a dear, dear friend.  She was a friend at work, at home, at family events and at church.  She was a highly spirited individual who loved living life. We shared a common life and value mission that sustained us both over the many years of our friendship.  Although she did not cross the 41-year finish line, I can truly say she met f2f with her ultimate desires. I know she gave her time to serving the vulnerable populations we come across in our daily work.  I witnessed her tireless dedication to small businesses and their success.  I was privy to how she contributed to the fulfillment of lifestyles for those borne closest to her.  I ran a long competitive race reaching 41 years in an institution, but my friend, like myself, ran a long competitive race before responding to the Spirit’s call!  As I move on into my 2nd Act in life, my request to those reading this blog is, give us both a “clapping hand!”

As I think about my 2nd Act, I am experiencing deep concentrations on what I might want to do.  I follow my own wise advice.  I romance over my “best practices” referenced in an earlier blog and now post up “vision boards” all over the property, inside and outside.  I know I do not want to repeat the first 41years; I do not want confinement.  I want a different experience every day.  I want to daily stimulate my frontal creative lobe to redesign and recreate my eclectic and eccentric talents.  I do not want to operationalize via standard operating procedures.  I do not want the status quo.  I want a challenging experience as often as possible.  I want to meet new people.  I want to socialize my 2nd Act and have it become a sharing encounter for all who stumble onto its path.

But one does not need to wait 41 years before you decide that you want and seek a 2nd Act.  It can happen when you least expect it.  Prioritize the variables in your life and start to plan from there.  Build and design without metrics. Take the risk and continue, fearless.  Breathe – Relax – Design – Repeat!  Let your vision board be your guide.  Lean in toward visual “how-to demonstrations” rather than written text.  In my case, both the internal and external obligations that I determined to be essential greatly prolonged my 2nd Act.  Your stepping-stone obligations could be far less.  Elevate yourself!  Begin today to build your “5 Star Quality” 2nd Act experience.  Make that day you begin, your “Best Day Ever!”

Stay tuned for a couple of more blog posts from the 41year civil servant.  Signing off now with much heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.  Always~

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