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Swimming With Sharks: Surviving & Thriving a Toxic Work Environment

Swimming in “shark infested waters” can be daunting, but not impossible to navigate. Here are some strategies to survive toxic work environments while maintaining your integrity and well-being.

Becoming Your Own Chief Learning Officer

It can be difficult for employees to develop new and stronger skills, especially since the goal of most schooling is to master only minimum levels of competency. That’s why we all need to be our own chief learning officer.

The Best Government Conferences of 2023

For the ninth year in a row, we’ve compiled more than 100 of the best government conferences, seminars, trainings, expos and other opportunities — in person, virtual and hybrid — for individuals from across government and subject areas. Take a read for events to help you learn and advance in your career.

10 Reasons to Invest in Your Professional Development

How far would you go to invest in your professional development? What would you do if your organization didn’t have enough funding to pay for a training or workshop that contributed to your growth? What if your boss didn’t approve of your training request? These are central questions that represent possible roadblocks, hoops and challengesRead… Read more »