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Catbird’s vSecurity 5.0

While virtualization offers many benefits to enterprise such as lower costs and greater flexibility, it also creates new challenges. One of the greatest concerns with switching over to virtualized infrastructure, espeically in government, is security and compliance in a complex and dynamic environment which legacy software can no longer handle. Catbird offers automated security solutions tailored to virtualized data centers and has recently unveilled the next generation of its vSecurity software, vSecurity 5.0.

By integrating with the hypervisor, which manages all of the virtual machines, vSecurity 5.0 delivers access control, intrusion detection, secure auditing, automated protection, visibility, and efficiency. It can enforce FISMA, NIST, HIPAA, and other standards so that users can virtualize more assets faster and with better return on investment. As a result, vSecurity provides a level of securityand compliance that exceeds traditional physical security devices.

In vSecurity 5.0, Catbird will incorporate a variety of security features. The Event Viewer displays security data from various controls such as the firewall and intrusion detection system and shows in real time what each is detecting as well as how they interact. The Compliance Radar Graph visually shows data center compliance to a given standard in real time to automate validation. Automated Asset Inventory accurately catalogs for for security monitoring and enforcement, which is integrated with Network Flow Mapping to effectively regulate access controls and mitigate risks from suspicious communication. It also allows for Policy Automation via vSecurity TrustZones, logical groupings of assets with common a pre-defined policy and compliance rules. Version 5.0 also allows data to be analyzed by leading enterprise management systems such as ArcSight and Splunk.

Catbird’s vSecurity has won many awards and garnered recognition for its revolutionary solutions, including receiving four consecutive VMworld Best-of-Show Finalist awards and Gartner’s Cool Vendor 2011 designation. If you’re running a virtualized data center, give Catbird a try for yourself by requesting a free demo here.

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