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Last night I saw a rather interesting commercial promoting the Disney re-release of Bambi. What made it so interesting was the introduction of a technology called Second Screen. As the name implies, your TV is the first screen, and your mobile device (in this case a tablet) the second. In the case of Bambi, your mobile tablet displays extras normally found on a separate disc as the original movie plays on your TV. Toys that have enabled children to interact with the television are nothing new, but I find this particularly exciting as it ties in smart devices like the iPad.

Putting my “how could government use this technology” hat on, I believe Second Screen could be particularly useful during live telecasts such as the State of the Union Address, and even debates between candidates for office. Just think, as the TV centered on a candidate at the podium, your tablet could tell you more about him or her. Or, as pictured below in my quick mockup, the Second Screen could be used to gauge your approval throughout the broadcast, aggregating those results and sending them back to a sponsoring media agency.

Syncing the Second Screen with the first wouldn’t have to rely on watching the broadcast live either. I for one DVR nearly everything these days. Instead, Shazam-like technology (which can tell you the song on the radio in a matter of seconds) could identify where in the program you are to align the two screens. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not as complex as you may think.

Taking this a step further, you could use your tablet, smartphone or laptop to share what your watching and what you think with friends on Facebook and Twitter to engage others in the program. While I think there’s a larger market out there for Gleeks, government at all levels uses television as a communication medium and could make use of Second Screen technology in the future.

What ideas do you have for Second Screen in government? What other uses or benefits can you imagine from this technology?

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Chris Bennett is a emergency management innovator who is trying to make government better by improving citizen preparedness and crisis communications. He’s a graduate of Wharton with a master’s from Harvard with in “Technology, Innovation, Education.” His portfolio of companies and former projects include OneStorm Hurricane Preparedness, ReadyTown, GovLive, TexasPrepares and America’s Emergency Network. Chris was the recipient of FL Governor Crist’s 2008 Public Information Award. He lives in St. Petersburg, FL, loves to fish, and has been spotted sharing a pint with GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler in Tampa.

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Sam Allgood

Chris, I think a web page with a video a feature that enabled such a grading system and showed the accumulated ratings either linked to times in the video or to a summary of the comments would be super and a real hit.

Tarryn Reddy

Great ideas! I like the idea of enhancing the viewers experience and I think government could certainly benefit from these types of tools. I’d like to see more educational types of programs or interactions.

Chris Bennett

Thanks everyone. Only have time to bring so many ideas to market 🙂 Hope these posts inspire others to create new technology for government.

Sam Allgood

How about a personal app that lets you review a menu for tv shows and lets you change your tv channel to the selected show?