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Learning to Speak Greek

Those of us who are a little older tend to be rather apprehensive about learning new ways to use our computers. It’s similar to thinking about learning a new language – we just don’t know if we’re too old to start! But change is inevitable and it’s how we grow. If we don’t accept the… Read more »

Software Defined Network (SDN): Most People Miss the Point

I get asked about software-defined networks (SDN) quite often and at this point I sort of expect that most people have no idea what it means.  Yeah they can explain that SDN stands for Software Defined Networking, but then they quickly go on a rant explaining the virtues of OpenFlow[1] and how managing physical switches… Read more »

Fostering Citizen Engagement Through Text Messaging Campaigns

As we move further into the 21st century, mobile engagement has been particularly effective, but with so many channels available, agencies have struggled to develop best practices and standard processes. One tool that is proving popular, however, is text messaging campaigns that reach a broader audience.