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Skill Xfer

The Tech Loop

Tech Loop is a weekly compilation of the latest happenings in government technology gathered from around the web. This week’s topics include cybersecurity, Internet of Things, net neutrality, and cloud. Cybersecurity Per usual, cybersecurity is the talk of the town at all levels of government. The White House is officially launching its cyber agency, the… Read more »

Human resources and CRM

Women in Technology: Promoting a Broader Perspective

For many, the notion of women in technology is focused on computer science and the tech industry. Should the definition be so narrow? Do we really want to send the message to girls and young women that aspiring to be coders and tech entrepreneurs is the best (or only) way they can make a professional… Read more »


Improving the Efficiency of FOIA at the EPA

The following is an excerpt from GovLoop’s latest industry perspective on information governance. To read the full thing, head here. The EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment. To accomplish that, officials must be able to provide information and data to researchers, policymakers and citizens when they need it. This means the agency… Read more »


“Follow the FAR? Hah – Don’t Make Me Laugh”

These were the words of a career procurement specialist who shall remain unnamed, at an agency that shall remain unnamed, as the point is not to embarrass an individual or agency so much as it is to identify an attitude that is all too widespread in the federal procurement and contract management world. And if… Read more »


Can Technology Solve Government Procurement?

A common thread among the recent spate of state health insurance exchange rollout failures (e.g., Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon) was the states’ inability to effectively procure, manage and coordinate IT services from multiple contractors. In each case, the aftermath was a rash of finger-pointing between and among agency managers and contractors, and in some… Read more »


In Toys As In Data, Sharing is Caring

“Mine! Mine! Mine!” Despite my parents consistently emphasizing the importance of sharing, when it came to my Legos or other favorite toys, sharing wasn’t such a simple task. But as time went on, I got better at sharing and saw the benefits (and lack of scoldings) that it generated. The ability to share is an… Read more »

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Small Business GWAC Program

Small businesses are the backbone of job growth and constitute a major force in the U.S. economy. They generate a vital portion of our gross domestic product (GDP) and contribute to growth and vitality of economic and socioeconomic development. In particular, small businesses create jobs and spark innovation, which complement the economic activity of large… Read more »