CDH: The standard for Hadoop in the enterprise just got better

In June Cloudera announced the general availability of CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4. These releases are significant milestones for the Big Data community, and are also important to any organization which has yet to being their Big Data journey. CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 make it far easier to begin projects the right way.

Both CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 are full of new features. CDH4 has more security features. Cloudera Manager makes it easy to manage and audit clusters of systems doing Big Data work.

Here is a more technical restatement of that: CDH4 includes high availability for the filesystem, an ability to support multiple namespaces, HBase table and column level security, improved performance, HBase replication, and greatly improved usability and browser support for the web interface (Hue). Cloudera Manager 4 includes new abilities to manage multiple clusters and multiple versions, automation for high availability and MapReduce2, multi-namespace support, cluster-wide heatmaps, host monitoring and automated client configurations. There are many other features which will enhance capabilities for those seeking to built applications on top of CDH, which is important for the large and growing community of applications developers leveraging Hadoop for solutions.

The following provides more on CDH and Cloudera Manager:

Cloudera’s Distribution featuring Apache Hadoop (CHD) is a 100% open source Hadoop distribution, built specifically to meet enterprise demands. It includes not only the core Apache Hadoop but the many other capabilities required to succeed with Big Data solutions.

CDH delivers the core elements of Hadoop – scalable storage and distribituted computing- as well as all the necessary enterprise capabilities such as security, high availability, and integration with a broad range of hardware and software solutions. CDH is perfect for federal agencies and other enterprises seeking a stable, tested, open source Hadoop solution without proprietary vendor lock-in. And since CDH is based on totally open source components Cloudera makes CDH free to download. It is easy for any program manager, systems integrator or developer to start activities free using the same highly reliable, scalable solution in place at the largest enterprises.

Here is more on CDH from the Cloudera website:

CDH is an enterprise-ready distribution of Apache Hadoop

CDH is an open source distribution that includes everything you need to effectively use Hadoop in production. By integrating Apache Hadoop with more than a dozen other critical open source projects, Cloudera has created a functionally advanced platform that’s fully equipped for the enterprise. CDH delivers a complete set of capabilities for storage, computation, integration and access. All of the integration work is done for you, and the entire solution is thoroughly tested and fully documented. By taking the guesswork out of building out your Hadoop deployment, CDH gives you a streamlined path to success in solving real business problems.

Cloudera Enterprise runs on top of CHD. Cloudera Enterprise sets the standard for CDH management and support. It provides the centralized management, monitoring, auditing, logging, administration and deployment lifecycle management capabilities required for enterprise use. It also provides subscription-based production support, backing up your enterprise mission with world-class-best technical talent.

Here is more on Cloudera Enterprise from the Cloudera website:

Cloudera Enterprise provides the centralized management and robust support that you need to operate Hadoop effectively as a mission-critical piece of your technology infrastructure. Designed to run on top of CDH, Cloudera’s 100% open source and enterprise-ready Hadoop platform, Cloudera Enterprise includes everything you need to deploy CDH quickly, manage it easily and integrate it with the technologies and processes you rely on to keep your business moving forward.

If you’re looking for the fastest path to repeatable success with Hadoop, Cloudera Enterprise is for you.

With Cloudera Enterprise you can:

  • Accelerate CDH deployment
  • Simplify administration
  • Optimize cluster performance
  • Diagnose and resolve issues quickly
  • Provision resources effectively
  • Scale clusters easily

A simple subscription with everything you need

Cloudera Enterprise is combines two different components into a simple annual subscription. It’s the easiest way to deploy, operate and scale CDH environments.

  • Cloudera Manager – our market-leading management platform for CDH. With Cloudera Manager, you can easily deploy and centrally operate CDH. The application automates the installation process, reducing deployment time from weeks to hours; gives you a cluster-wide, real time view of nodes and services running; provides a single, central place to enact configuration changes; and incorporates a full range of reporting and diagnostic tools to help you optimize performance and utilization.
  • Production Support – our team of experts on call to help you meet your SLAs. Cloudera offers the industry’s highest quality technical support for Hadoop. We have a dedicated team of support engineers comprised of contributors and committers for every component of CDH. No one knows the Hadoop stack better or has more experience supporting large scale clusters in production. With Cloudera Support behind you, you’ll experience more uptime, faster issue resolution, and better performance to support your mission critical applications.

For more on this critically important Big Data topic see Cloudera

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