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I usually find out it is National (Insert Something Super Fun Here) Day too late, like via the slew of National Margarita Day posts that arrive after I’ve already put on pajamas. However, I love the idea of these silly days because we could all use reasons to celebrate. My motto is: Celebrate Everything!

To assist you in celebrating the little things at work, below is a sampling of days for the next quarter (April – June) and how you can celebrate them at the office. There are many more days to celebrate listed on the National Day Calendar, so take a peek and find something fun and festive.


April 5th, National Go For Broke Day: What a great day to brainstorm about innovation and encourage some risks.

April 9th, National Name Yourself Day: On this day you’re allowed to give yourself whatever name you chose. What new work name would you give yourself?

April 14th, National Reach as High as You Can Day: What are your goals and dreams? What can you to for career development?

April 16th, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day: Need a festive team-builder?

April 21st (third Thursday in April), National High Five Day: Slap ‘em…all day long!

April 22nd, Earth Day: What can your organization do for the planet?

April 27th (Wednesday of last full week in April), Administrative Professionals Day: Give some love to your hardworking admin folks today.

April 28th (fourth Thursday in April), Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day: Bring in those kiddos! If you don’t have kids, consider setting up fun activities for your co-workers kids on this day.


May 5th, National Hoagie Day: Of course you know this day is Cinco de Mayo, but for those of us from the greater Philly area, National Hoagie Day is a reason to celebrate. What a great thing to bring in for lunch for co-workers…before they head out for margaritas at happy hour.

May 11th (second Wednesday in May), National Receptionists Day: What nice thing can you do for your receptionist today?

May 13th (first Friday the 13th of the year), National Blame Someone Else Day: This one makes me chuckle!

May 20th (third Friday in May), National Bike to Work Day: What a great day to encourage this eco-friendly transportation.

May 20th (third Friday in May), National Pizza Party Day: Do you really need an excuse to order pizza with your work buds on a Friday?

May 21st, National Memo Day: This is my every day!

May 25th, National Brown-Bag It Day: This could be a fun day to plan a picnic lunch or host a brown-bag seminar.

May 27th, National Grape Popsicle Day: Why not enjoy a tasty treat before heading out for Memorial Day weekend?


June 1st, National Say Something Nice Day: Can you say something nice to each of the members of your team today?

June 2nd, National Leave the Office Early Day: And I quote, “On this day, upon completion of all the necessary day’s work and the needed approval, it is suggested that you can then leave work early to enjoy the rest of the day with fun activities of your choosing.” Who wouldn’t mind celebrating this one!

June 3rd (first Friday in June), National Doughnut Day: Why, yes, this would be a marvelous day to start a Friday!

June 10th, National Ballpoint Pen Day: Write hand-written kudos or pass out some new implements to your colleagues.

June 11th, National Making Life Beautiful Day: This might be a great day to clean the break room or do something to beautify your work space.

June 15th, National Smile Power Day: This is a great day to disarm them with the charm of your smile. Think of something you can do to make your co-workers smile today.

June 17th (third Friday in June), National Flip Flop Day: As summer approaches, I need no excuse to rock my flops, but this is a great addition to a festive casual Friday. Drink umbrella for your morning latte, anyone?

June 30th (last Thursday in June), National Handshake Day: Meet and greet all you can today!

I hope you can find something to celebrate at work this Spring!

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