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Apply for a Job

This website is designed to provide prospective applicants with information to help them apply for positions in the Obama-Biden Administration. President-Elect Obama will make appointments throughout the federal government. Some positions will require Senate confirmation while others will not. Some appointments will be made during the transition process and others during the early part of the new Administration.

Applicants for any of these non-career positions – whether in the White House or in any Federal Department, Agency or Commission – should use this website, as applying on-line is the fastest and most accurate way to get your information to us. (If you are interested instead in a career, civil service position with the federal government, you should proceed to the Office of Personnel Management website at

If you apply for a position now, you will not need to apply again after January 20th. Applications submitted now to the Obama-Biden Transition Project will be retained and considered by the Office of Presidential Personnel after President-Elect Obama takes office.

The online application follows on the page below that posting.

What are your thoughts on exclusive use of the transition website for recruiting purposes?

ADA issues?
Access issues for republicans? (Sorry, had to smile on that one)
Justice Dept.?(Had to smile on that one too.)

No offense to Republicans. I think that the GOP executed an incredible game plan. 8 years worth. Because America voted for it. That’s what we do here. We play to win. And the Rep.’s played a great game. – And won. For a while.

Still, O-B are recruiting ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY through their website for non-career positions. That’s what it says. Everyone should fill out the online form. Are we almost there?

This is from Discussion post in Human Resources group – MD

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Celia Mendive

In regards to ADA, the website also says: If you are a user with disabilities who is having trouble accessing the appointments application form, please contact the Obama-Biden Transition Project at 202-540-3000 or [email protected].

Mark Danielson

I agree Celia – Thanks for joining the HR group. I’m wondering how the ADA-affected, especially the blind, would have equal access to the vacancy announcements? Do they post at the Braille Institute? Makes my fingers sore just thinking about the reading those folks have to do. I know, a picky HR thing, but…

The transition page is breaking new ground. Connecting before the swearing in. Very cool.


Cool effort. Love the site. I’m glad they have this but honestly it just seems like a black hole. C’mon they are going to get 200,00 plus applicants for all these openings. The time commitment to effectively screen these would be intense. I imagine they will get filled how most of the jobs are filled – through the political ranks and connections. But who knows. Would be interested in understanding how they planned to really complete the whole process.

Mark Danielson

Exactly Steve, I thought they might receive a million applications. Considering the database they are working with now, it might be more.

The matrix they are using for all the different agencies, categories and classifications must be a sight to behold. They must be using a program to break it all down. There is not enough time to physically read the names, let alone the applications before 1/20/09. And then there is vetting and background checking and further hiring process, depending on the agency. How many points for who you know?

Hmmm. Is it time for a Secretary of Human Resources? Or is that a Czar position at this point?

Steven Hagen


I think this might be a bit of a commute for you although having driven in DC traffic tonight. You might send less time on the road for me.

Anita Arile

I like that, Secretary of Human Resources… hmmm, how effective would it actully be? Very interesting points to ponder on…

Denise Hill

Also see the blog – and Cluen: A Case Study in Privacy – for another perspective on the application process. BTW, a few agencies over the years have used the “massive application for very few jobs” strategy as a viable alternative to filling critical jobs in a short amount of time.