Federal Eye: Nuts and Bolts: Obama’s Flight to D.C.

A new presidential administration invokes plenty of great traditions and events, including the activity surrounding a transition and inauguration. Then there are all the other routine Washington occurrences, such as the State of the Union, confirmation hearings and the budget process.

While other Post colleagues handle the hard news from those big events, The Eye will train his sights on the federal offices and employees that help put them together for a series of reports we’ll call… “The Nuts and Bolts.”

For example, you may have noticed on Monday that President-elect Obama flew from Chicago to Washington on an American Airlines jet, instead of his old campaign plane or an Air Force jet that might normally transport the president or vice president.

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Denise Hill

Good article. People are definitely paying more attention to transition activities. In prior elections, it has been my perception that people will either grouse or bask in the results of the election as they go about awaiting the day of the inauguration. In addition to the Buzz…z in the air, we (me included) are watching with great interest all that goes on with the transition. In the process, we learn more about the workings of Government.