A Charity for Federal Employees? Yes.


Did you know that there’s a non-profit organization whose only purpose is to help federal employees help each other during times of distress? Did you also know that this same group provides scholarships so federal employees and their immediate family members can afford college?

That organization is the Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA), and it deserves your support.

When a major storm strikes, a car breaks down or a spouse loses a job, FEEA is there for these federal employees who need an extra hand. For 30 years, FEEA has been there to assist federal employees in times of dire need by providing grants and no-interest loans.

Here is one story that tells you everything you need to know about FEEA. After the Oklahoma City bombing, FEEA pledged to pay for college for every child who lost a federal parent on that awful day. FEEA did.

But FEEA is there for a lot more than major disasters. It has helped when unexpected medical costs stretch your budget too far and the lights at home may be shut off. It has gotten federal employees to a family member’s funeral when there is no money for travel. It has gotten cars fixed so employees can get to work.

FEEA is the great little resource you may never have heard of. I would like to change that.

Have a child headed for college? FEEA provides merit-based scholarships some as high as $5,000. Federal employees in school are eligible for these scholarships too. In fact, NTEU is proud to sponsor a minimum of five $5,000 scholarships every year for deserving students.

To be able to provide emergency assistance and help with college bills, FEEA relies on donations from other federal employees. I ask that you consider donating to FEEA during the CFC, or even go to FEEA’s website and make a one-time donation. Every little bit can mean the world to another federal employee in need.

I am proud to say that NTEU was a founding member of FEEA and is still active with the organization today. Learn more about this amazing group at www.feea.org and spread the word.

Tony Reardon is part of the GovLoop Featured Blogger program, where we feature blog posts by government voices from all across the country (and world!). To see more Featured Blogger posts, click here. Reardon is also National President of the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents 150,000 employees in 31 agencies.

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