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Anyone complaining about not having enough staff to launch innovative projects needs to talk to Manor, Texas, CIO and Asst. City Manager Dustin Haisler. Haisler, one of just 35 government employees, has found amazingly creative ways to innovate. Manor, population 6,500, has become a model for local government innovation and has done everything from creating QR Codes (those funny 3D bar code type thingys) for local landmarks to recently announcing that Manor itself has gone ‘Beta.’ after “Manor launched in alpha in March of 1913, and has been operating as such for the last 97 years”

Haisler is encouraging other cities to open up:

We think it is in the benefit of other cities to operate in open beta. We want to demonstrate that it is OK to say to our citizens, ‘that we’re re-inventing ourselves with your help.’ Operating in beta does not degrade the permanence of your established city, it only adds value by demonstrating to your citizens that your listening and acting what they have to say.

Join us tonight on #localgovchat tonight at 9 pm to discuss what Manor is doing and how your city, state, town, county, township or anything in between can learn from their groundbreaking work.

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