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CB2: NYC BigApps – Cast Your Vote

Today was the perfect day to spill mouthwash on my Verizon Blackberry. Why? The Verizon iPhone is available in stores tomorrow and NYC BigApps 2.0 Competition has launched their application gallery for public voting. The BigApps competition excites me because like many of us here, I’m always on the lookout for new businesses and utilitiesRead… Read more »

First look at Seattle City Council budget consultation

Seattle City Council last week launched a budget consultation for their 2011-2012 budget. I did a quick analysis of their IdeaScale site following this checklist: Is it clear who is the convener? Does it say what the site is about? Does the site educate participants about the issue at hand? Is the promise to theRead… Read more »

Three New State Legislatures to Increase Transparency with New Media

The Oklahoma House of Representatives, Virginia House and Senate, and the Illinois General Assembly – LIS Division recently partnered with Granicus to engage more people in the democratic process with new media tools such as video, bill systems integration, archiving, search, and podcasting. Granicus will be showcasing these and other clients at the National ConferenceRead… Read more »

Chat with #Gov20 Innovator @DustinHaisler Tonight at 9EDT on #Localgovchat

Anyone complaining about not having enough staff to launch innovative projects needs to talk to Manor, Texas, CIO and Asst. City Manager Dustin Haisler. Haisler, one of just 35 government employees, has found amazingly creative ways to innovate. Manor, population 6,500, has become a model for local government innovation and has done everything from creatingRead… Read more »

Space is the Place – NASA on Gov 2.0 Radio

If you’re looking for a glimpse into how earthpeople and their governments are evolving, what better way then to check into NASA’s two April appearances on Gov 2.0 Radio. This month, we’ll go coast to coast with conversation with Beth Beck about NASA’s social media initiatives, and Gretchen Curtis on the space agency’s pioneering cloudRead… Read more »

Curso Introducción al Derecho de Acceso a la Información Pública

Este ano 2010 sera el de la consolidación de este importante movimiento del OpenGov, el espaldarazo que la administración Obama dio con la publicación del Open Government Iniciative a finales del 2009 sera un trampolín para este concepto que viene tomando cuerpo en las sociedades democráticas gracias al momento histórico que viven las tecnologías deRead… Read more »