Check Out How SF Gov Stacks Up on Twitter

More than three dozen San Francisco officials, agencies and programs are active on Twitter, using the microblogging tool to broadcast messages, interact with citizens and even accept service requests.

The SF City Attorney’s Office is highly active on Twitter, and in this spreadsheet we’ve put together, you can check out various City and County of San Francisco Twitter efforts, from how many folks each account is following to what percentage of tweets are conversational. (The analysis does not include SF officials that link their Twitter profile to campaign sites, or accounts that have been inactive more than a few months.)

You can follow the City Attorney’s Office on Twitter here, and also connect with the City Attorney’s Office on Flickr. Also, check out our daily Twitter newspaper made up of SF officials’ tweets.

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Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Great statistics, Adriel! You know what would be interesting as well? Being able to see how a given SF Twitter account compares to its counterpart in other similar cities or with other cities on a per capita basis.

Adriel Hampton

I hoped this would inspire a bit more research and comparison, but haven’t seen it so far. At least I’ve provided a set of metrics for comparing official accounts. If you come across anything comparative using my framework, let me know and I’ll cross-promote.

Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

I’ll keep my eyes out for this, Adriel. It’s coming… you may just be ahead of your time. Surely, someone must be compiling these kinds of statistics in LA, Chicago, NYC, DC, and other major US cities.