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Checking in with Brigade

At a couple weeks into February we’re sprinting toward our “alpha cities” events that will occur during the week of February 24 to March 4, as part of the broader Code Across America events. Together with events hosted by our fellows, we’ll Code Across America. As of this writing there will be activities in 15 cities.

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So, if you live in or near one of the cities on the map then check out a Code Across America event. If you’re not in or near one of these cities then start thinking about how to get Brigade running where you live. In the second quarter of this year – March through May – we’ll be recruiting “beta cities” into the program and platform. Also, we’re looking for potential institutional partners at universities, community colleges, and local nonprofits to establish sustainable local capacity for Brigade activities. Please contact us directly to share interests and opportunities in this regard. As much as we’re gearing up to deploy apps in alpha cities, our agenda is all about how that happens. Our interest is more in process than product. We think the products are good and will only get better. How they are deployed and sustained is what alpha cities and the Brigade program are all about.

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