Chicago Inspector General launches OpenGov Initiative (and joins Twitter!)

Chicago Inspector General Joesph Ferguson has just announced a new Open Government Initiative that aims to “promote efficiency, effectiveness and integrity in the City’s operations that can come only from accountability achieved through meaningful public scrutiny.”

This is very very good – If you’ve seen my twitter feed you’ve noticed there have been a number of bad government moments here lately. We had a City Alderman appoint her son as ward superintendent (76k job), wasting 18 million dollars on bad policy, a chief officer using their employees as errand boys, and other not-good-government things.

The IG is serious about opening up city government. They’ve done their homework, even giving Manor Labs a shout out. Like I said, this is very very good.

The Inspector General has put up a suggestion box on what information that citizens want to make public.

AND The Inspector General’s office has joined Twitter @ChicagoIGO – Give them a follow!

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