Is it better to promote from within or out?

Long gone are the days where people are expected to stay with a company from cradle to grave. I’ve heard that 2-5 years is the average that people now stay with a company before it’s considered ok to leave without looking flighty. However, what I’m wondering is whether it looks better on someone’s resume if they’ve stayed with one company for many years and continued to promote up? Or if it’s better to move upward and outward at the same time, promoting into different agencies and organizations. On the one hand, it looks good if you stay in one place because it shows you can maintain effective relationships and that you’re loyal. On the other hand, your experience (and therefore your point of view) is limited to just one way of doing it. With the option of promoting out, it shows that you’re adaptable, you can succeed in many environments and that you have a wider viewpoint of how things can be done. But at the same time, it’s questionable whether or not you can stick to one place and maintain long-lasting relationships.

What do you all think is the best way to promote? Is there? Or is it just a combination of both that depends on each situation?

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Stephen Peteritas

Maybe this is me but I don’t see how someone can blame you for being successful. I think it probably looks better being with one company though. Also I think you’re age has a lot to do with it. And lastly I’ve heard several times that with the way the gov’t is set up the easiest way to move it is to bounce from agency to agency… that’s probably a flaw in the system but as a person why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Carol Davison

If you more from agency to agency you learn all of their best practices of performing and probably will be a more productive employee.