Cisco High Definition Video Surveillance Camera

Many people have expressed interest in the HD camera Cisco has created.

The Cisco HD Camera (CIVS-IPC-4300) or (CIVS-IPC-4500 with DSP) run around $1600 list price. Figure that the average price off list to an end customer is 25% then to the end customer your looking at about $1200.

The camera is capable of running 1080p with 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second. Now due to a thing called motion blur, the human eye will normally only process about 24 frames per second. So why do we care about 60 fps then? Becuase you can stop the video. When doing a frame by frame review of the video later, you may want that 1 frame that happens to be 5 of 60 in that second. But I digress.

To make it clear, I have seen many HD Cameras and recently reviewed the Cisco HD Camera and I believe Cisco has a winner.

With the 1 exception that most consumers are beginning to see the value behind dome style cameras, this fixed directional camera really does a great job.

Expect to see this camera in buildings around mid-year. Even though Cisco is selling this item, it will take some time before customers see the value of the expense for the reward of higher quality when it comes to surveillance.
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