Input for Environmental Education using Social Media

I am part of a community forum in Central Ohio and we are presenting ways that Social Media can be useful to local governments to engage their residents in environmental education.

I know of many organizations that have a website, but content only with no interaction is Web 1.0; We want to highlight the next level of online engagement.
I thought using Social Media for input seems only ‘natural’
(pardon the pun)

Who are the innovators in this realm?

What have you seen done?

What new ideas do you suggest?

What tools would be helpful to local governments and eco-focused non-profits?

Links do not have to be in Central Ohio, but I would like to learn of any other Central Ohio green initiatives that I have not captured on this extended post. (refresh if link does not connect the first time).

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Jeremy Ames

EPA has a blog, Greenversations, which tackles a lot of environmental issue. EPA did a Flickr contest last year, and my office (Indoor Air) sponsored and online radon video contest last summer using YouTube; the Water Office is currently sponsoring a similar contest. EPA also recently launched a YouTube channel and a Facebook group, and news releases are now posted on Twitter.

I think most of these strategies would also work for a local government agency.